Monday, July 26, 2010

Wake Up with Taylor - 7/26/10

Taylor and Brett leave for Greece today!

7 Things you need to know before you go

  1. Salt debuted at #2, second to Inception. Paparazzi caught Angelina in Moscow at the airport with Pax and Maddox. She was scolding them and pictures captured the moment.
  2. Kings of Leon fans in St. Louis were disappointed when they cancelled the show after 3 songs due to pigeons pooping on them.
  3. Amanda Bynes has unretired from acting for a new movie.
  4. Miley Cyrus and all her antics were addressed by Tiffany, 80’s pop singer. She says that Miley is right on track because with this day and age you need to be competitive.
  5. Justin Bieber is going to be joining the CSI crew as a troubled teen for next season’s premiere.
  6. Alexis Neiers was set free from jail after serving 30 days of her 6 month sentence. Her mom is bringing her out for salmon.
  7. Taylor Ashley Strecker and Brett Robert Epstein were married at 4:00 on July 24th in the Hamptons.
  8. A lady tweeted that she is getting head-to-toe plastic surgery to look just like Kim Kardashian so her husband won’t leave her. Kim tweeted back to not change for someone else.

Wedding Recap – Kenny and Victoria recapped a lot of the wedding during the first half of the show. Taylor then called in at the beginning of the third hour to help recap more.

Brett and Taylor were married at the Wolffer Estates Winery in the Hamptons. The ceremony was outside, surrounded by the grapevines. Had a feel of Tuscany. The ceremony was short. Parasols and fans were provided, which helped add to the ambience.Taylor wore a Monique Lhuillier dress and diamond stud earrings. Her bridesmaids wore pale pink Monique dresses. Their first dance was to “Haven’t Met You Yet” by Michael Buble… performed by the band that they hired. Taylor said that the band didn’t know the words, and Victoria said that no one noticed. Taylor’s father/daughter dance was to “You Are” by Lionel Ritchie.

The day was super hot (like 97 degrees + humidity). Luckily the dance was indoors and air conditioned.

Kenny wore a gray suit with a pink shirt and blue paisley tie. Looked sharp! Victoria wore the dress she wore to the Sex and the City Premiere because of the weather. It is a light, blush pink with ruffles on the shoulders. Very pretty. Chloe wore a gold/yellowish “cupcake” dress and looked fantastic. It has been said that Patrick looked great, but there are no pictures of him that we’ve seen yet.
Taylor loves being married and said that now they can get back to their relationship. They haven’t been fighting now that the wedding is done.

Brett keeps asking what everyone thinks of his ring. He got yellow gold to match his watch.

Taylor said that the wedding was everything and more than she ever had hoped. She was blown away by her own wedding. Victoria and Kenny said it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to.

Victoria was one of the last girls to take her shoes off, and ended up slipping and falling on her butt. Taylor did have her shoes off and got glass in her foot.

You can look for pictures on the Wake Up Facebook page, Paige Streckers Facebook and on Kenny, Taylor and Victoria’s twitter.

Zac Effron was on the show. Taylor was sad to miss it. Both Kenny and Victoria thought he was a great guy. He was only on for about 10 minutes, so they didn’t discuss any personal life with him. They discussed his role in Charlie St. Cloud movie that is coming out. Kenny said he wore too much cologne. But overall they were really impressed with him.

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  1. OMG This is the first time I'm checking out the photo's. I'm a big fan of Taylor, Kenny and Victoria. (Miss the 3 of you)
    Anyway --- Taylor you look AMAZING!! WOW! God Bless your marriage, may your life be filled with health & happiness.
    Shar - loyal listener


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