Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Okay, so apparently Patrick and Stassi are still on, but....

1. Wake up with Taylor has a new website!

2. Make sure you visit the website for recaps, Kenny's shows and MUCH MORE!

3. Who is still watching VanderPump Rules? I'm pretty sure I vowed to stop watching a season or two ago, yet I can't stop. :) Jax has just gotten sooooo much less hot over the years. James - blech. And Lala may look pretty in the night, but have you seen her in the daytime? Both James and Lala look over-tanned. Tanning is not "in" anymore!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Stassi and Patrick break up!

What happened to the fairy tale that was happening in this quote from RealityTea....

Stassi insists their relationship is super happy, and they are planning to get married. “ “It’s as serious as it can get. If tomorrow he proposed, I would be ready. We don’t feel the need to experience more of life. We’re settled,” Stassi tells Wetpaint. “I don’t need to meet new people.” 

I'm personally looking forward to Stassi crawling back to Vanderpump Rules now that she doesn't have a place to call home anymore. Not so much to see more of her, but to see what happens now that she's not playing house with Patrick and after she claimed to be all grown-up and embarrassed by everyone at SUR.

When Stassi and Patrick first hooked up, I figured it could go one of two different ways... either they are perfect for each other or it would be a disaster. Looks like both may have happened. You can't put two crazies together and expect a no-drama happily ever after.

I'm admittedly excited to watch the next train-wreck, I mean season, of Vanderpump. It's kind of like going out and drinking way too much one night and waking up the next morning wonder WTF you did that for.

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